The Minimalist’s Kit

Showcase your face and showcase your frame

Whatever you do, don’t be a mannequin for design.

Own five t-shirts. Let two be plain, white, and crew cut,

let the rest be graphicless, green, blue, and red.

Have two polos to present yourself. Have one pearl white  

oxford for lunches and two dress shirts if you need them.

Allow yourself dark rinse jeans and straight leg chinos,

wear khaki shorts above the knee- you have legs my son!

Cinch them with a reversible belt, tan and black.

Match your leathers with brogues and boots.

Have a sweater in merino, as wool is resilient

it keeps your body warm in the wet and repels hot flame.

Buy five of the underwear that hugs you well, sleek

and sexy, but don’t let it be white, never let it be white.

In winter, layer well to keep your nose from running

use your flannel, your henley, and a thick black coat.

In summer, wear swim trunks and let them be fun,

But when you can, jump off docks with out them-

Have socks but not too many, have a ballcap for the sun.

Maybe a navy suit, a couple of ties, but rent the tux.

Add the extras, something to sweat in, a timepiece, 

an outrageous pair of leather pants, whatever makes you you.

Avoid logos and emblems, men’s names on your crotch band.

Put everything in a holdall, it will fit my son, I promise-

Miles Griffis 2015