Self Portrait #1

Open to pines, spruces, and fir of the Colorado high country. 
A young man on his solid blue roan are loping to a high alpine
tarn-- turquoise like a bowl of dragon sweat.
The young man dismounts and untacks the horse. As the young man
takes off his boots, leaning on a dislodged boulder, the horse
takes the young man's stetson with his mouth and laughs (horses
can laugh.) The rider chases the horse barefoot and bare-chested
on the needles and pebbles of the shore.


An underwater perspective of the horse's hooves entering the tarn
hesitantly until the entire animal is swimming. The young man's
legs are on the side of the bareback roan. There is a lot of splashing and sunshine--summer is
being kind.
The roan and the man are swimming separately and the rider fills
his mouth with water. He spits it out like old faithful between
the gap in his front teeth at the horse. The horse laughs and
splashes him. The man slides back on the roan.
                         YOUNG MAN
The man and the horse find a make-do shore and the young
man dries his uncovered body on hot granite. The horse
shakes off the water, looking bluer than the blue bird
skies of the mountain West.
Miles Griffis 2014